About the event

Technology disrupts value chains and business models across many industries. For businesses in the media & entertainment space, it provides opportunities to grow, increase efficiency, and better support customers. However, in order to capture the opportunities, you need a clear and flexible vision and be willing to take risks to undergo the bold digital transformation necessary to stand out from the competition.


We invite you to join the discussion, as Zendesk’s Customer Success Executive, Neil Cunningham, moderates a panel with Zendesk Master partner, 729 Solutions, and Universal Music Group, discussing how media & entertainment companies can adapt their use of technology to keep up with customers’ expectations in a digital environment that is constantly changing. 


In this webinar, we will cover:


- Benefits of a simple and scalable customer support program 

- How to increase efficiency with fewer resources by utilizing self-service and automation 

- Practical advice for and long-term benefits of a customized Zendesk implementation


11:00am - 11:05am PST Event Arrival 
11:05am - 11:15am PST Introductions & Kick Off
11:15am - 11:45am PST Panel Discussion with UMG & 729
11:45am - 11:55am PST Q&A
11:55am - 12:00pm PST Event Wrap Up


Neil Cunningham 
Customer Success Executive
Marcie Turner
Senior Director, Global Client Services
Universal Music Group
Logan McCabe
Director, Innovation & Compliance
Universal Music Group
Rob Tapia
Project Manager
729 Solutions
Fernando Lopez Liceaga
Project Manager
729 Solutions